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The Collapse of Tiger Woods

What happens when a narcissist (Tiger Woods) is found out?

Tiger Woods withdraws from his first attempt at tournament golf in months


Tiger Woods had the golf world excited again last week, only to withdraw Tiger Woodsfrom the Safeway Open.

Bailing on the golf tournament was an extraordinary disappointment to all golf fans and expected from a man who has completely lost it mentally and emotionally.

Tiger has been in a free fall ever since he was busted for carousing and off course antics. The moment his soon to be ex wife stuck a 3 iron in his car window the world could see the real Tiger Woods, the narcissist. Tiger’s fall from grace had begun.

There were hints of Tiger’s massive narcissism before this incident, like his atrocious record coming from behind at Major championships and his losing Ryder Cup record. His Ryder Cup record (13-17-3) reflects Tiger’s discomfort in a team format, unable to play at a high level when it wasn’t just for him. In majors Tiger has NEVER come from behind and is an astonishing 0-47 when trailing after three rounds. When down and not having his way Tiger, like most narcissists, had no idea how to cope or thrive.

With his cover blown and the public onto his selfish behavior Tiger’s game and mental state started to collapse. The first chink in the armor came in the form of mysterious physical ailments that were mostly stress induced. Tiger started claiming back twinges from swings that could not possibly cause any physical problems, and they occurred during crucial moments in golf tournaments. When things got tough and didn’t go Tiger’s way his body and brain couldn’t deal and broke down.

Next, while Tiger fought to keep his full swing in form the worlds greatest clutch putter inexplicably lost his ability to make putts. An obvious mental issue, as the putting stroke requires very little physical/technical ability to repeat. Finally came the shanks and chunks on shots around the green form one of the best short game artists in the world. Tiger looked and looks completely lost, like a child not getting what he wants and needs and doesn’t know how to deal.

Tiger was raised to believe he was the greatest golfer and human being in history. His father claimed that Tiger would do “more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity”, more than Buddha, Ghandi and Mandela. A ridiculous statement that did Tiger no favors. His father helped formulate the next great golfer and, unfortunately, a massive narcissist. It was that trait that lead to the collapse of Tiger Woods golf game and career.