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"I love Keith's ability to teach the golf swing using examples from other sports, i.e. throwing a baseball, playing tennis, even simple things like walking. His analogies help me use other sports skills I have and apply them to my golf swing.
Keith's use of technology is also very cool. He showed me a  photo and video my swing and he will juxtaposed it to a professional's swing that has similarities to mine....all the while, he respected and catered to my particular swing. I also dig it that Keith knows a lot about 'the greats' golf swings, i.e. Nicolas, Woods, and many lends a lot of credibility and reflects someone that is practicing their labor of love. Keith rocks, over delivers, and is a man on a mission to attain and teach greatness in golf."
  • Mathew G.  (5 Star Yelp Review)
I have tried several golf instructors over the years. Often I had a couple of lessons and gave up because the person was too negative or unfriendly. It is hard to find a good personable teacher. I came across Keith online and thought I would try it out. I have my lessons on the range at Arroyo Seco (South Pasadena). I think he also teaches at Monterrey Park. "I really like Keith's instruction. He is patient, enthusiastic, reinforces the positives and doesn't watch the clock. I have had several lessons and my game has certain improved. My drives were going way right over the fence. Now they are going reasonably straight with some fade. Keith is reasonably priced and I highly recommend.  If you want to improve your game or just hit the ball correctly, see a pro and set everything squared away. A few lessons now will give you the fundamentals which will last you for years."
  • Richie W. (5-Star YELP Review)
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